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About Plannet Zero

Our story

Plannet Zero is here to help every business find their net zero pathway and navigate the carbon markets effectively to reduce their environmental risk.

The mandate is set for net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. The task now is to collaborate and scale corporate emission reduction strategies whilst encouraging the growth in emissions removal projects.

A new vehicle in the Redshaw Advisors group, Plannet Zero will apply our long-standing and wide-ranging environmental market experience to the voluntary carbon market and the journey to net zero.

Our products and services are developed to meet the current needs of businesses and will adapt and develop according to the state of the market and the advancement of our community.

We will leave no organisations behind in our quest to achieve net zero.

Redshaw Advisors

Our parent company, Redshaw Advisors, is based in Greenwich, London with international team members working on markets across Europe. The company was founded by CEO Louis Redshaw, former head and founder of the Environmental Markets team at Barclays Bank plc, the largest emissions trading business by volume in the world.

Redshaw Advisors have been true ‘first movers’ in the carbon markets, driving forward innovative and ground-breaking products. The company is known for its robust work on compliance markets and now is focussing its experience and skills on the voluntary carbon markets and renewable energy, with its fast-growing team winning industry awards.

Redshaw Advisors comprise environmental market risk management specialists, including former colleagues from Barclays, other well-known environmental commodities businesses and team members with complimentary skillsets, helping companies be successful by:

Informing them about market dynamics

Advising on appropriate risk management strategies

Imparting knowledge to companies and empowering in-house sustainability leaders

Assisting with the procurement of cost-effective and environmentally-robust market solutions, allowances and certificates

Redshaw Advisors’ customer base extends to more than 300 companies, many being major household name corporations that trust us with their environmental market compliance and offsetting requirements. Also, Redshaw Advisors have trained several Governments and international organisations on environmental markets. Each year, in partnership with Carbon Pulse, we run Europe’s largest conference in the space, the highly-regarded Carbon Forward conference. The company consistently wins industry awards for its work.

Recent awards

Our approach

We aim to empower every organisation with the knowledge and confidence to start their journey to net zero. By providing tools and guidance, we hope to encourage sustainability leaders to drive change within their organisation

Our activities contribute to global climate mitigation measures and help encourage social and environmental action contributing to many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Plannet Zero’s primary focus is to provide clear and transparent guidance to organisations who seek to understand and utilise the environmental markets to reach net zero.

Our mission

Net zero emissions will be the new normal for every business, globally, by 2050. How we get there depends on the reductions every business can find within its operations and the development of projects across the globe that reduce and remove greenhouse gas emissions.

Every business is unique and their pathway to net zero bespoke, Plannet Zero’s mission is to empower businesses to take action, to measure, reduce and re-balance their emissions.

Our impact and ambition

Use our industry experience to educate all organisations on their carbon exposure and options on their net zero journey

Enable SMEs to access affordable carbon footprinting tools and carbon neutrality solutions

Encourage future carbon removal project development through impact investment

Assist large energy users in their transition to 100% renewable energy

Plan A – Offset 1,000,000 tonnes of emissions

Plan B – Offset 5,000,000 tonnes of emissions

Plan C – Offset 10,000,000 tonnes of emissions

Our people

We employ people who are passionate about creating positive change, our team of net zero advisors are driven to share their knowledge and nurture in-house sustainability leaders at every organisation.

Meet the team