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Plannet Zero Wins at Environmental Finance Awards

We are delighted to announce that Plannet Zero’s parent company, Redshaw Advisors, has been named as Best Trading Company and Best Offset Retailer in Environmental Finance’s Voluntary Carbon Market Rankings. This is for an incredible third year in a row. Many thanks to our clients

permanence of carbon credits

Permanence of carbon credits

Being aware of the tenets constituting a high integrity carbon credit is important to avoid claims of greenwashing while increasing accountability and transparency in an opaque market. There are ten tenets recognised by the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market (IC-VCM). Two of these,

Accounting ledger

Additionality and Carbon Credits

What is Additionality? Additionality been touched upon in one of our previous posts but deserves its own explanation as one of the tenets of a high-quality offset or credit. It refers to the role played by voluntary carbon markets in ensuring that an offsetting activity

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Double Counting Carbon Credits

What is Double Counting? Double counting refers to credits of the same vintage from the same project being sold twice. This is despite only one tonne of carbon dioxide, represented by that credit, having been removed from or avoided being released into the atmosphere. This

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Life Cycle Assessments

What is a life cycle assessment? In order to know the carbon intensity of a product, process or service, its life cycle assessment (LCA) needs to be conducted. This consequently measures the environmental impact of the carbon emissions associated with the creation, use, and disposal

What is a carbon footprint?

Understanding climate change and its implications can be overwhelming. Over the last few months, the Plannet Zero blog has been shedding light on the role of carbon dioxide in these conversations . But where does one start their own journey to net zero? What is

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Moving Earth Overshoot Day

What is Earth Overshoot Day?  You may have heard recently that Earth Overshoot Day fell on July 28 this year, with news coverage tinged with dismay at this date. This is because Earth Overshoot Day represents when the sum of human consumption and pollution exceeds


Guide to Methane Emissions

In a previous post, we provided readers with an overview of what greenhouse gases are, how they impact our environment, and why we focus on carbon dioxide in climate discussions. However, there is another GHG that is a cause of concern that many climatologists have

Introductory guide to greenhouse gases

Introductory guide to greenhouse gases

In the 1820s, Joseph Fourier calculated that, based on the distance between the Sun and the Earth, the average temperature should be minus 18 degrees Celsius. This is far from the actual global temperature average that is estimated at 13.9 degrees Celsius. So, Fourier hypothesised

Carbon neutrality versus net zero

Carbon Neutrality Versus Net Zero

Scientists have been warning both the public and private sectors about the effects of climate change for decades. One crucial step all organisations can take is to decarbonise their operations as quickly as possible. We have already missed the mark for meeting 1.5 degrees Celsius