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Offset marketplace

Purchase carbon offsets to rebalance the carbon footprint of your business or personal activities. Our offset project developers receive 85% of the price of each tonne of CO2e.  For transactions above 500tCO2e please contact the team directly.

Carbon offset projects

This is a selection of projects from our wider portfolio and represents the global impact and additional benefits realised from the carbon finance these projects receive.

We work with independent project developers with great experience, many implementing climate-benefiting projects with communities that need them most.

The projects here are registered on the two largest registries, Verra and the Gold Standard. We have a long history transacting credits on UN CDM and are now working with Woodland Carbon Code, Puro and Plan Vivo.  For more offset projects please get in touch.

Carbon credits purchased via the marketplace will be retired from their associated registry and certification returned to you for offsetting against your emissions.

We share one planet. Wherever in the world we emit or reduce a tonne of greenhouse gases the effect on the climate is the same. We all need to reduce our emissions and plan for further reductions but there will be residual emissions. Over time we can reduce this residual amount but the responsible action now, is to re-balance your footprint with offsets.

Seller’s pledge

Our Seller’s Pledge is a key to Plannet Zero.

Our Seller’s Pledge commits to the following: transparent pricing with a standard markup on every tonne: maximum 15% including costs.

Both buyer and the developer know the price.

Offsets will be retired from their respective registries within 10 business days and a certificate of retirement will be sent to the registered email address.