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Need help with your carbon footprint?

The starting point for any low carbon journey is to calculate your carbon footprint. Our One Two Zero programme is the ideal solution for SMEs to achieve a BSI PAS 2060 aligned footprint and rebalance it to achieve carbon neutrality. Low cost, expert assistance and high integrity, get in touch to find out more.

One Two Zero is a bespoke, turnkey solution that gets your company started on its sustainability journey

The package will guide you through collecting and measuring readily accessible data to procuring high impact carbon offsets, so you are certified operational carbon neutral.

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In One Two Zero we provide a guide and a set of footprinting documents that make calculating your carbon footprint as easy as possible. These documents will lead you to data that is likely to be readily-available and accessible within your organisation.

We anticipate it will empower your teams to see where operational emissions and potential reductions lie. This self-validated exercise will help to start your carbon management system, highlight your most carbon-intensive operations and encourage you to implement carbon reduction policies where possible.

It will enable and empower you to learn, and over time to have the confidence to become in-house advocates of your organisation’s net zero journey. Proactive, positive action engages employees to join the journey, to consider emission reducing actions at work, at home and in between – travelling to work and business travel.

Get started I already know my footprint

The Guide

Explaining and guiding you to identify and quantity your emissions

Workbook and calculator

To convert company activity data into tonnes of CO2e and reveal your carbon footprint

Employee questionnaire

Simplifying data collection on commuting and working from home


As reduction strategies take time, PAS 2060 carbon neutrality specification recognises that in year one you can offset 100% of your emissions.

A two-project blend of offsets from a Gold Standard wind project and a Verra CCBA forestry project has been selected to mix biodiversity protection and restoration with fuel switching to renewable energy. Carbon credits will be retired as part of the service and are included in the overall cost.

Along with working with you, to ensure your calculations are as accurate as possible, Plannet Zero will retire, on your behalf, a volume of offsets equivalent to 110 percent of your footprint to give an extra buffer of assurance.

Offset my carbon now


Plannet Zero will certify your organisation operationally carbon neutral for the specified reporting year.

You will be sent a certificate of carbon neutrality, badges to use on products and company literature and information on the two projects that have provided the retired offsets to balance your organisation’s footprint, all of which you can use in marketing and annual reports.

‘Speed Couriers are a well-established company providing courier services for over 36 years across the North West of England. We recognise the importance of the impact our day-to-day operations has on the environment, which is why we chose to work with Plannet Zero on the project ‘One Two Zero’. They were knowledgeable, inspirational and made it easy to understand the businesses carbon footprint, how we could implement an effective strategy to reduce this and achieve our goal of becoming Operational Carbon Neutral. We are delighted to be involved with Plannet Zero and look forward to continuing our carbon reduction journey.’

Carl Truscott
Financial Director
Speed Couriers Northern


After completing your first steps in your low carbon journey we will work with you as you improve your environmental performance, reduce your climate impact and align yourself with a net zero strategy.

We will become your retained sustainability partners offering you advice and guidance on all these matters, whenever needed. We will keep you abreast of legislative change, supply and demand dynamics, renewable energy switching and assist you with any future offsetting needs. Our support comes in the form of:

Ongoing support

Dedicated account manager

The Carbon Paper

Market news service

Bi-annual review


Our One Two Zero community…

Which package is right for you

One Two Zero is a the only carbon neutrality programme with offsets in-built into the service so you are fully aware of the cost to get your business to carbon neutrality.

At the outset of the programme our advisors will guide you through our preliminary questionnaire to benchmark you into one of our five product categories, which start from £1225.00 + VAT.

  • Every One Two Zero package comes with carbon offsets included up to to the above limits.
  • After the footprinting stage of the programme, if the operational carbon footprint exceeds the package limit additional offsets may need to be purchased and will be priced at according to Plannet Zero’s sellers pledge.
  • Due to the market fluctuations and availability of carbon offset credits, the prices of these packages are subject to review on a regular basis and may change. Pricing will be communicated with you throughout journey with Plannet Zero.
  • One Two Zero is an annual operational carbon neutrality certification programme.

Benefits of
One Two Zero

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. This One Two Zero solution allows you to understand the current operational impacts of your business for internal and external environmental reporting.

Equipped with the understanding of your operational carbon footprint, you can identify areas where it is possible to reduce emissions and then to implement necessary policies and actions. Additionally, you may want to work with your supply chain and encourage them to appreciate their operational emissions, helping quantify and address the emissions, for which your company is indirectly responsible.

One Two Zero is offered as a comprehensive and accessible solution for every organisation. The programme is self-validated and externally- certified by the experts at Plannet Zero, part of the Redshaw Advisors group. Carbon credits are included in the price of the offering and are carefully selected by Plannet Zero from projects with high social and environmental impacts.

One Two Zero?

Make me carbon neutral

Based on internationally-recognised standards, The GHG Protocol Corporate Reporting and Accounting Standard and BSI PAS 2060, One Two Zero goes beyond requirements for standard organisational reporting. We work with you to achieve a premium certification of operational carbon neutrality.

One Two Zero distinguishes itself from most operational footprinting programmes by including company scope three emissions to give the clearest picture of your organisation’s emissions and opportunities for reductions.

Designed for SMEs, One Two Zero is affordable, accessible and efficient. By enabling each carbon emitter within your supply chain to address their own emissions, the responsibility to become operational carbon neutral is shared across the supply chain.

By empowering your supply chain to address their own operational emissions, your scope three emissions are also reduced. We achieve more, faster by working together.’

We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the voluntary carbon market, gathering and performing regular due diligence including satellite monitoring, on our projects. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are supporting the highest quality projects in the market.

One Two Zero has been designed for you to create a robust low carbon strategy effectively and efficiently, supported by expert guidance and transparently-priced offset procurement and retirement.

We will continue to guide and educate you through future years’ reduction strategies, market dynamics, emissions reporting and environmental financial risk management.

Empower in-house sustainability knowledge

We provide all of our clients with expert advice and guidance, but emission reductions can only be made if every organisation looks at where and how it can make positive changes. One Two Zero empowers your workforce with knowledge, creating one or more in-house sustainability advocates to drive environmental action for your organisation.

Plannet Zero becomes your retained expertise, readily available to discuss best practice, data, terminology, promotional strategies and other issues that arise on your journey. The One Two Zero programme will equip your organisation for environmental reporting and bring the associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to boardroom level, in advance of Government requirements.

Company scope three boundary

One Two Zero is based on the principles of organisational carbon neutrality set out by the GHG Protocol Corporate Reporting and Accounting Standard and BSI PAS 2060, where companies are required to report their scope one and scope two emissions.

In order to provide added accountability and footprint transparency, we have identified a set of company scope three emissions that all organisations can identify, measure and affect. These emissions are created as a direct result of the day-to-day operations of an organisation.  We believe it is our responsibility to include them within the boundary of reporting. Together with scope one and two, we call this your ‘operational footprint.

What are scope one, two and three emissions?

Scope three supply chain challenges

By calculating all the emissions that fall within the One Two Zero boundary, an organisation is able to get an extremely accurate measurement of its operational footprint without having to make estimates of supply chain impacts. Encouraging your supply chain to also address their own carbon footprint, directing them to One Two Zero, becomes a solution to your own wider scope three emissions liabilities.

You will find that our One Two Zero programme is cost-efficient, easy-to-use and is readily endorsed by your whole supply chain, encouraging a more sustainable way of operating. By more companies acting, together we can create more change. We are on the net zero journey together.

How Plannet Zero can help you

One of the biggest ways to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint is to switch to electricity sourced from renewable energy. There are a number of different solutions available including green tariffs, Renewable Energy Certificates and installing on-site renewable power. The Plannet Zero team would be happy to discuss what could be the appropriate solution for your organisation.

Switch now

A key action you could take to reduce your wider climate impact is to engage and work with your supply chain, both up and downstream, to work towards full scope three transparency. Advocating an operational carbon neutral boundary to your key suppliers creates a wealth of data and a community of environmental action to accelerate emission reductions and share the financial cost.

Armed with your carbon footprint and understanding of carbon neutrality, you may wish to set a net zero target for your organisation. Setting a net zero target is the future for all organisations in the UK, as we have been instructed to achieve a net zero 2050. From September 2021, in the UK, any company bidding to fulfil a public contract over £5m must have a net zero target and have a strategy to reach it. Many businesses have brought their targets forward by ten or twenty years. Plannet Zero will help you to understand how to reach net zero and set realistic and achievable targets along the journey.

For more information on our One Two Zero programme please get in touch with a member of our friendly team to discuss your sustainability and net zero goals.

Alternatively, you can give us a call on +44 20 3637 0055 or email us at Let’s take this next step towards carbon neutrality together. We look forward to hearing from you.