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Be confident in your carbon neutral status

Plannet Zero is proud to be approved by BSI.
BSI is the standard setter for PAS 2060 – the internationally recognised designation that proves carbon neutrality.

Why you should choose Plannet Zero as your
carbon neutrality partner

Plannet Zero has been awarded the distinguished status of
BSI-approved consultant. With Plannet Zero to guide you through a carbon reduction process that is audited and verified by BSI, you can be sure of your carbon neutral status.

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BSI and Plannet Zero are natural partners

The PAS 2060 standard specifies a four-stage process to demonstrate carbon neutrality. This aligns with Plannet Zero’s OneTwoZero programme and involves:


of GHG emissions based on accurate measurement data.


of emissions through a target-driven carbon management plan.


of excess emissions, often by purchasing carbon credits.

Documentation and verification

through qualifying explanatory statements and public disclosure.

BSI PAS 2060 – declaring carbon neutrality

The British Standards Institution has set out its own internationally-applicable specification for demonstrating carbon neutrality. This is a robust and well-adopted methodology for carbon neutrality and has the additional requirements of a strategic approach to annual reductions and effective climate change mitigation measures.

Plannet Zero is a BSI-approved consultant. We incorporate BSI principles into our exclusive One Two Zero programme so you can be confident of your carbon neutral status.

One Two Zero has been designed to overcome the challenges companies face and to show them how to achieve operational carbon neutrality. This extends beyond scopes one and two and includes the operational scope three emissions within your reporting boundary. One Two Zero focuses on emissions that come under a company’s direct control: its operational footprint. You can deliver additional impact by leading and recommending changes to your supply chain – to capture your wider scope three emissions too.

One Two Zero means each company becomes empowered to calculate its carbon footprint, affect what it can affect and offset its current balance. As each company in a supply chain steps up and takes responsibility, more emission reductions can be achieved, as the company which can address the reductions is the one taking the action. Together, we achieve more. And we achieve it more quickly, efficiently and cost-effective, with those emitting and able to make changes to emissions paying for those changes. Together we move towards net zero.

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