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Waste corn straw biomass for energy, China

Waste corn straw biomass for energy, China

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The project can deliver 81GWh of electricity to the Northeast China Grid utilising about 113,000 tonnes of biomass residues per year. Before the project, the biomass, which is all collected from the nearby area, had been burnt in the open or left to decay. The project produces and claims greenhouse gas emissions reductions from displacing electricity that would otherwise be produced to supply the high-growth, coal-dominated power generation of Northeast China, avoiding emissions (CO2 and CH4) because the straw would otherwise be left to decay or burnt in an uncontrolled manner.

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The biomass power plant with capacity of 12MW utilises local surplus biomass residues (mainly agricultural biomass residues of corn straw) for electricity. The 48 therms/hour biomass-fired boiler was supplied by the Danish company BWE, a world leader in biomass boilers production and biomass cogeneration and installed with a turbine and generator, which were produced domestically. 

The project has improved the living conditions of the local people through increased employment opportunities and additional income from the biomass collection system, which provides further direct and indirect employment to the local population. 


  • 69,809tCO2e emissions avoided per year
  • 823,600 tonnes of corn straw are available per year from a 20km range from the facility
  • The project currently utilises 113,000 tonnes of residue annually 
  • 81GWh of electricity is supplied to the national grid each year
  • Skilled jobs provided in the region at the site and additional income available through the biomass collection operations
  • Compared to the open fire of biomass and other coal power plants, the project reduces air pollution