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Tree planting

Join Plannet Zero’s initiative to plant 24,000 trees across the woodlands of England’s historic National Forest.

In partnership with GreenTheUK and the Royal Forestry Society.

Start planting your forest today from just £2.50

Join us in our pledge to plant trees

Along with our partners, Plannet Zero has committed to breathe life back into a region of the UK that was once heavy with coal mining and industrial manufacturing.

This unique National Forest regeneration project will cover an area of 200 square miles across the historic counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire. It aims to link the two ancient forests of Charnwood and Needwood.

Through new woodland and restocking, Plannet Zero, GreenTheUK and the RFS have pledged to enrich and revive the woodlands of this historic district.

Plannet Zero has already pledged to plant 24,000 trees. You can share in this and join our community by adopting one or more of those trees.

Help nature thrive from just £2.50 per tree.


Trees play a vital role in cleaning the air that we breathe through absorbing pollutants and releasing fresh oxygen. Trees can also capture rainwater which helps reduce the risk of floods and landslides. They are critical to biodiversity. A single tree can be home to hundreds of species of insects, wildlife, plants and other organisms.

Through this programme, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Plant trees in the heart of England
  • Help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Help re-wild a once industrial region of the UK
  • Support biodiversity
  • Take action outside any carbon reporting needs
  • Showcase your tree-planting certificate

Plannet Zero, GreenTheUK and the Royal Forestry Society have committed to plant 24,000 trees. With your support, this could grow and more forests could flourish.

Plant your tree today


As proof of every tree-planting transaction you make, you’ll receive an auto-generated certificate.

So you can share your good work, Plannet Zero can also provide you with social media cards for you to post on your accounts.

Secure your certificate


Redshaw Advisors’ voluntary carbon market division, Plannet Zero, has partnered with GreenTheUK which is working with the Royal Forestry Society (RFS) and Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS) to create resilient treescapes around the UK for the future.

This grant is primarily aimed at RFS and RSFS members who want to plant trees but who are getting none (or very little) grant funding from elsewhere.

Grants will be awarded to those members who want to plant trees to increase resilience to pests, diseases or climate change.

The RFS and RSFS are both charities, governed by UK Law. In England and Wales, all charities are regulated by the Charity Commission which ensures that such organisations focus on the purposes which give them charitable status and carry them out for the public benefit. In Scotland, the regulator is The Scottish Charity Register (OSCR).

Applications to the GreenTheUK and RFS grant will be judged against a set of eligibility criteria.

The right trees must be planted in the right places and where the RFS and RSFS know they will be given the right care through establishment. This grant encourages innovation with new species, mixes or silvicultural techniques as well as the introduction of diversity (species and structural) into forests, woodlands and landscapes.

The grant can be used for woodland creation, restocking, underplanting, enrichment planting, urban or parkland schemes, hedges and shelterbelts or to create resilient landscapes (e.g. for flood prevention).

There will be no permission to use the grant to plant single species woodland or just simply plant or replant trees that don’t in some way make a positive contribution to our fight against climate change, pests or diseases.

We also cannot support projects where the cost of purchasing of trees is fully funded by another grant.

Every grant recipient signs up to standard terms and conditions of grant which require that the trees that are planted are properly cared for in line with the plan submitted on their application form. The application form asks applicants to describe any tree protection, establishment techniques or ongoing management they will employ over the ten years following planting. Grant applicants must also confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, there are sufficient funds or resources in place for the ongoing care and management of all planted trees. They must also allow the RFS or RSFS to audit any tree planting that is carried out.

RFS and RSFS members want to plant the right trees in the right places and for the right reasons. Climate change is affecting UK trees more rapidly than ever before and we are already seeing an increased frequency of extreme weather events (for example, droughts, floods and storms) which kill trees. Grants can help tree planters in a number of ways, such as:

Allowing tree planters to choose different (more expensive) trees to increase diversity and resilience to climate change;

  • Restocking trees after devastating storm damage;
  • Replanting trees after an onslaught from pests or diseases (e.g. ash dieback);
  • Allowing tree planters to try new schemes to provide shade and shelter for grazing animals, help prevent flooding or improve air quality; or
  • Simply making it affordable to plant trees where there were no trees before.

Find out how you can help plant more trees

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